The story of Eternity

Eternity was established out of a need and personal pain of people who sought to commemorate the life story and memory of their late loved ones. We believe that every person is a whole world, and we all have a life worthy of commemoration even if we are not famous or wealthy. We created Eternity as a special platform to make it easier for families to establish physical commemorative sites and digital websites, and to make commemorative options accessible, along with various themes and places and according to personal budget. As part of the digital revolution, our culture of memory – and especially that of future generations – is constantly evolving. For that reason we have developed innovative and exciting ways to preserve our precious memories. For every physical commemoration in the public space, we offer to add a small sticker with a QR code – once scanned by any smartphone it connects to a personal digital website.

The website commemorates the life story of your loved one, according to periods of time and in collaboration with friends and relatives. It is a kind of digital "safe" full of memories that are stored forever – experiences, events, photos, recordings and videos. Thus, every commemoration is more than a mere name on a plaque, and it becomes a real memorial site, evoking the special life story we immortalized. By making the public space accessible to anyone who wishes to create a personal physical memorial site, we help to support important nonprofits and organizations and enable them to increase the budget for their significant activities. At Eternity we accompany you with a user-friendly and convenient interface, a supportive and dedicated service to help create a world of memory.

 We are here for any question – by phone, WhatsApp, Zoom and email – and also in a personal meeting wherever it is convenient for you.

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Here are some FAQs

Definitely. We have developed the website to facilitate and allow everyone to choose as accurate a commemoration as possible. With our special interface, you can easily move from step to step to reach the result that suits you most. We are here to accompany you, answer any question, offer technical support or guidance. Feel free to contact us at any stage, as needed.

Commemoration in the public sphere requires time and effort dealing with the appropriate authorities and organizations. We save you all the bureaucracy involved in the process, deal with the relevant authorities and organizations on your behalf, save you time and money and enable you to choose from the widest range of options in Israel. Everything is right here in one place, convenient and available.

At each stage, you will receive an update on the purchase status, you will be able to follow it and you'll receive a notification at the end of the process. We at Eternity are committed to you all the way.

Yes, as long as you have purchased a commemoration from an organization that is a non-profit, you will be entitled to a tax refund. A special tag will appear on commemorations that are eligible for a tax refund.

Eternity is the only platform in Israel that offers you a wide range of commemorative options to suit your choice, all on one platform. It can be a tree, a bench, a nature trail, a library, a lookout, an walkway for the disabled, a play area, picnic facilities, artwork and more. Do you have an idea we did not think of? Feel free to contact us and we will help you fulfill it!

Click on the link here on the site and in a few simple steps you'll be able to create your own. If you wish you can share it with friends and relatives so they can also upload memories, photos, recordings and videos. The interface is convenient and simple to operate, and in a short time the personal digital site is ready and can be edited and updated at any later date, from anywhere.

Creating the site and receiving a QR code to scan from any smartphone are free of charge, and are included in the total commemorative costs.

Eternity's special interface is easy and convenient to use. But you should feel free to contact our staff for assistance, or to order "at home" service – our staff will come to you to assit you personally (for a small additional fee).

The site is a 1GB digital complex, which allows you to tell the life story of your loved one and keep the memory alive forever. Write, design, upload and share – words, obituaries, photos, recordings and videos. There is no limitation on the number of issues you can preserve. The site is made up of time periods and life events, as well as shared memories of relatives and friends.

Any way you choose to commemorate is welcome. But to connect from the physical place of remembrance you have chosen to the personal digital website, you need Eternity's interface. If you have already set up a digital commemoration site by yourself, outside of our platform – talk to us and we will make sure to connect it to the physical commemoration you have chosen in the public space.

Definitely. You have all the tools to edit and update as you wish, whenever you want.

The site is personal and belongs to you only. You will decide how to share, publish or preserve. All intellectual property rights are yours, and we are responsible only for the platform.

Your memories are a valuable treasure. We are therefore committed to maintaining them through the safest and most advanced storage methods in the world. At the same time, it's required that you keep a copy of all content that is especially important to you.

The site operates indefinitely, forever, as long as digital technology is a part of our lives, of course.

Yes, but at the same time we believe that the option of connecting on the spot to the person's life story, creates a unique and respectful value. Creating a personal digital website is relatively simple and involves no additional fees. Feel free to contact us and we will assist you in making the decision.

The authority or organization from which you purchased the commemoration is also responsible for the day-to-day maintenance. Everything, of course, depends on the nature of the commemoration and the objective conditions on the spot (for example, commemoration in nature exposed to extreme weather events, etc.)